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Steps to Unclog a Sink


You can get rid of 95 percent of your drain problems using a plunger and a snake.
Unclog it yourself and don’t call the plumbing service using our step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Prepare the Right Tools to Start

We’ll show you how to unclog a sink in this article using only a plunger and snake. So prepare the mentioned tools.
If you don’t abuse your drain line and overload it with food, you will avoid the clogs.
If you can’t clear the clog by yourself following instruction from this article, call a plumber.

Before You Plunge Check the Disposer: How to Unblock Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal clogged is one of the most common causes of a clogged drain.
You must switch garbage disposer off. Use an Allen wrench to free it and turn the blades. If you can’t hear anything when you turn the disposer is on, leave it for one minute and reset it.

Step 2: Fix the blockage with a plunger

Pour the water into the sink so the plunger can seal around the drain. Use the basket strainer for sealing or hold a wet rag over the other drain hole in double sinks.
You have to force the water into the drain by rolling the plunger in the water and pumping strongly. Then pop the plunger off the mouth of the drain for extra pressure.

Step 3: Clean the P-trap

Most often, you will have clogs in P-trap and trap arm because of coffee or fats. If you can’t remove clogs, detach and clean P-trap.
Pull out the water from the sink using a sponge. Keep your bucket underneath as dirty water will come out.
First, turn the slip nut between the P-trap and the trap arm, then the nut at the bottom of the waste tee. Unclog the trap if it’s clogged, turn the warm water on and test the line.
If you didn’t unclog the P-trap, then remove the trap arm and clean it. Use a screwdriver around the inside of the pipe stub-out to pull out dirtiness that had build-up from the opening.

Step 4: How to Snake a Drain

Start to loose the setscrew and pull out 6 to 10 in. of cable. After that, stretch the setscrew and spin the snake down.
Continue to crank and push the cable through the clog. Turn the crank counter clockwise and pull out the cable. The cable probably is covered with dirty gunk. Turn on warm water to flush the line.
Pour half cup of baking soda and a half cup of white vinegar into the drain. After a few minutes pour another gallon of warm water to flush out the mixture.

Tools for Project

You will save nerves and time if you already have the necessary tools for DIY unclogging a sink lined up before you start.
• Allen wrench
• Clamps
• Pipe wrench
• Pliers
• Plunger

Materials for Project

Here is a list of materials needed to avoid to go shopping in last minute:
• Baking soda
• White vinegar

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