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Bedside lamps: how to light a bedroom with elegance


When we think about decorating the bedroom we must remember that this is our place of rest, so the space must contain elements that contribute to a beautiful and cosy room; therefore, a good bedside lamp is an essential element.

Decorating with a bedside lamp contributes not only to bring a lovely element to the space but also adding a pleasant feel. Bedside tables are recommended for moments of relaxation, rest or even for tasks such as reading, crafts and the use of screens, such as mobile phones and laptops.

How to choose the right bedside table?

Choosing the bedside lamp can be a tricky task as there is a wide variety of stunning models available in the market that can bring a special charm to the room. One of the first aspects to consider when talking about designing is the size of the lamp concerning the furniture.

In this case, the lamp must have a proportional size to the bedside table that will serve as its base. Smaller bedrooms require more compact furniture, meaning a smaller table lamp is the perfect match. For bigger bedrooms with larger furniture it is ideal to select larger, elaborate pieces accordingly.

The perfect light bulb

Good lighting can not only make the room more beautiful but also more welcoming. For this, it is important to know how to choose the light bulb of the table lamp, reflecting through design and style the atmosphere you want to experience.

However, if you have a habit of reading, or even using your laptop or iPad in bed, the best option is to invest in white light. When considering the decoration of the children’s or baby’s room, keep in mind, coloured lamps, such as lilac or blue, help during sleeping hours because they guarantee a more relaxing effect.

If you intend to use the bedside lamp in different situations, such as bringing a more relaxing mood to the room or reading for several hours without being bothered by the light, the best thing is to invest in is smart lights that change colour. This will allow you to alter the mood and choose the best setting that suits your needs.

Matching the decoration style

It is impossible to deny the decorative effect of a table lamp. Even when the lamp is not on, it still adds charm and style to the space. Therefore, be sure to consider the aesthetics of the lighting piece.

The trick to avoiding clashes in styles is to adapt the style of the table lamp; to the decoration style of the room. In other words, we recommend matching a modern bedroom with a modern lamp, a rustic bedroom with a rustic lamp and a classic bedroom with a classic lamp.

The style of the lamp is directly related to the material during the manufacturing process. Currently, there are items manufactured from wood, ceramic, glass, metal, and plastic, and each of these materials impacts differently on the final appearance of the room. The colours are also important. Before buying a table lamp, always consider the colours of the room’s décor.


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