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Drain Unblocking Cost: How Much You Have To Pay To Unblock A Drain?


In your bathroom and kitchen activities, a blocked drain can be a real concern, and also can be a huge problem by causing pipes to rupture. And because of that, you would have to spend a significant amount of money for repairs.

If the blockage is significant, the best option for you is to hire the professional to clean up the mess, but if the blockage is minor, you can try to mix appropriate chemicals and unblock the drain.

Should I Attempt To DIY Or Should I Hire A Professional?

Clearing drains is not such an easy job, in truth, it’s very complicated, and before you start to do it, you don’t realise that.

It does not matter if your cleaning only consists of the U-bend or involves climbing and reaching the external guttering, in the end, drain cleaning is the tough and dirty job.

Using Chemicals as a Temporary Solution

For cleaning your drains you can find help of declares or chemicals that can be found easily in the supermarkets or retail shops. If these chemicals can’t help you with your situation, you will need to find help of a professional plumber.

Detailed Drain Cleaning Price Guide

If you need help from a professional plumber, you will need preliminary inspection which is almost in all cases necessary. To discover the size and type of blockage, practically all professional plumbers do an inspection. This inspection and drain cleaning service will cost you something between £ 80 – £ 100. Additionally, you have to pay the minimum call out charge which cost £50.
Each of the services comes at a different cost, and there is a different type of services related to drain cleaning. We give you the prices for different kind of services:
• Unblocking your bathroom or sink for example will cost between £35 and £65.
• Around £70 – £90 per hour, you will pay for water jetting with high pressure.
• Highest price when it comes to draining cleaning is for complete system scrub, and this job will cost you something around £150 – £200.
Drain Unblocking Service Providers

Drainaway Southwest

Because the call-out charge is not required this website is a great solution. For a charge of £80, you get your problem resolved in a very short time. In this company, you get service not based on hourly-rate or time-limit. From the day of the repair, you get a CCTV service for free in next six months if the problem persists.


Dyno-Rod is presumably the best option you have if you want to have a quick chemical solution for your issue as it charges only £90 + Vat. But, if you require a mechanical solution including dismantling, you will have to pay £145 + Vat.


For any unexpected problem which includes plumbing and draining cover best deal for you with no doubts is HomeServe. And you can go online and apply for £78 per year.

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