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Price To Unclog And Clean Drains


Advice And Costs For Unblocking Drains

Most often blocked drains aren’t noticed until they start to create problems like the sink overflowing or the toilet not flushing normally. If you begin to notice awful smells in your home, it can be an early sign of blocked drains.

There are a lot of DIY methods to deal with minor blockages while more severe blockages are usually tackled with rodding to remove the build-up and a power flush afterwards. Most common reason for drain blockage is the accumulation of fat, grease, oil and soap. If you do start to notice nasty smells coming from your drains, it is imperative that you act quickly as ignoring this problem will probably cost more money to deal with it as the blockage will only get worse over time. In some situations, a simple plunger on the drain will clear the blockage, but if ignored too long, you will most likely need professional help with a minimum charge of around £50-£75.

Most Common Drain Unblocking Costs

1. Simple unblocking a bath or sink usually takes about half an hours and cost around £50.
2. Toilet unclogging is done within half an hour with a cost of around £60.
3. Water jetting services for more severe blockages usually takes one hour to complete the job with a price of about £100.
4. Cleaning of the whole system using high-pressure water jets and rods usually takes one-two hours to finish at a rate of around £200.

Things To Keep In Mind When Unclogging Drains

Drains get blocked for various reasons, and they can end up being a lot bigger problem than just a nasty smell or a nuisance – they can result in an overflowing toilet if no necessary actions are promptly taken. There is no doubt that prevention is the best cure for blocked drains! Avoid putting down the drains staff that most usually is a reason for drain blockages such as hair, soap or cooking grease. Clean your drains frequently utilising a baking soda to keep your drains running smoothly.

If nothing listed above helps, you should get in touch with some professional plumbing service in your area.

DIY – Doing it Yourself

In some situations fixing a blocked drain is far more complicated than you might think. Regardless of how complicated it is, one thing is sure – drain cleaning is a smelly and repulsive work. It is quite simple to fix minor blockages in your bath, shower or kitchen sink by using some cleaning chemicals and standard tools like the plunger. A plunger should always be your first option before trying other methods and its simple to use. Position it above the plug hole and start pushing the handle up and down to make a force in both directions.

However, most likely for more severe blockages drain rods will be required. These tools are usually one meter long and are connected to create a longer and flexible length that can be inserted in the pipes, and the obstruction can then be dislodged.

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