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5 Tips for Successfully Managing Your Remote Team


Since the appearance of COVID-19 many companies were obligated to continue their activity through remote working. As employees from all over the world had to work from home, new problems came to the surface.

The main question is how to control your attendants’ actions, since it is impossible to supervise them from distance. You will be able to be informed about everything, as they also will not have access to the office’s documents. Moving to clients, the lack of meetings and face-to-face interaction might cause difficulties to your communication. On top of that, the psychology of all your staff and yours will be affected by the self-isolation you will experience.

Is there a solution to this matter? The answer is positive, because several ways exist to achieve the desirable result. Take a look at these 5 tips for successfully managing your remote team to get the inspiration you need!

  1. Planning is Important

First of all, a proper schedule is essential to keep your people organized. Establish working hours by understanding possible time zone differences if your staff is multicultural. Furthermore, be reasonable when it comes to respecting the privacy of your employees. Do not oblige them to work overtime just because they are at home!

It is a pretty good idea to arrange visual meetings in particular hours and to be precise about the deadlines of the projects. Let them know about all the details of the job in a planned personal video interaction.

Moreover, keep in mind that you should put first the results of the assigned jobs and not the procedure your attendant might follow. Avoid being strict about the time it will take for them to complete them. Since they are not in their usual working environment, you should be indulgent about the expectations you might have.

  1. Communication Is The Key

A matter of vital importance is the communication between you and your staff. Make sure that you are available for them through a flexible programme. If you want this operation to be successful, you have to create equal time to interact with each and every one of them. You should be able to answer their queries and to keep them up to date about what is happening in your business.

There are many ways to achieve that. Either you use video or phone calls, you must be in contact with them for every situation which might come up. Although emails might work better for you if you are busy, giving answers in short time will be more guiding for the completion of the work. This course of action will build trust and a sense of security to the assistants.

  1. Teamwork Means Success

Team spirit never fails, especially when you know how to use it properly. Keep the morale on a high level by encouraging your employees to work together. The outcome in creativity and ideas can be marvelous when you put people together. Also, it keeps them united and encouraged to achieve any goal!

We should not here that working in a team also offers different perspectives about any matter. This results in great productivity and learning chances for you and the team colleagues. Cooperation between them and help from experienced members will make working easier and efficient.

With regard to this aspect, make sure that they have the proper equipment to make these activities come true. Resource them with cameras and microphones so that they will be able to take part in video conferences with you and between them. After that, prepare yourself for many constructive discussions!

  1. The Psychology Factor

As far as I’m concerned, the most difficult obstacle to overcome is the negative psychological effects of self isolation. Working from home might has some advantages, but human beings are social from their nature and their coworkers play an important role to that. Try to be supportive, helpful and ready to listen to anyone who might go through a hard time because of that.

In addition, trust is essential in order to achieve the best results of any projects. If you wish your attendants to be productive, you must show them you trust them even if they are not at the company office.

Avoid pressing behaviors and always try to be polite and respectful. When you use intimidation to control your employees you might face negative consequences. Instead of going down that road, make them feel happy by rewarding them for their hard work and you will notice the a big improvement at their throughput.

  1. The Client Issue

Last but not least, communicating with the clients might be a challenging issue in remote working. Remember to always keep your clients informed about the progress of the job, give them realistic deadlines and advice your employees to do the same.

With reference to that subject, provide your staff with the tools needed to make contact with the clientele. Also, provide them with instructions about how to deal with every customer since you have more knowledge about them. It might be challenging to satisfy clients and staff at the same time, but making communication between them easier will take a huge burden from your shoulders away.

These 5 tips for successfully managing your remote team are worth to follow to be a great leader and to produce the best outcomes. If your desire is to be perfectly organized there is a software for DRAINAGE COMPANIES from Workforce which is a great way to keep things controlled and to easily communicate with clients and employees. With this helpful tool you will be able to manage your payments and the schedule and requirements of any project. Workforce have lots of tools for team managements.

All things considered, always remember to keep your creativity alive! Motivation and innovativeness are the keywords to understand the way you must behave. Inspire your team by proposing ideas on how to handle the work and show the interest and the excitement which they expect from you! In this way you will become for your employees a memorable leader and a person to look up to!

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