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Ways to Unblock an Outside Drain


Keep on reading, and we will explain to you how you could unblock an outside drain before you have to use a service of a professional. In cases of heavy rain causing flooding that could damage the property, search emergency plumber near me to assist.

How to Unblock an Outside Drain?

Many drain blockages can be fixed very quickly and you can DIY.
Here are a few methods you can try to unblock drain:

Find the Problem

In the beginning, find the problem and then you will fix it quickly. Your outside drains may be blocked by leaves, grease or other dirt. Make sure your drain pump line is separate from your condensate pipe that’s connected to your boiler.

Gather the Necessary Tools

Remove the Drain Cover – Using a screwdriver, remove the drain cover.
Take a Look Inside the Drain –You have to take a peek and try find the blockage.
Grab Your Drain Rods – Just put the rods in the drain chamber until you feel you’ve removed any blockage. Rotate the rods in a clockwise direction. Push the rods through the blockage to break up any fats in the drain.

Clean Up Now!

After you’ve unblocked the drain, pour water through it. This will wash off any extra debris. Find out if the water is running regularly through it. Next, pour a little bleach be sure that everything is clean.
If there is still blockage in the drain, use other methods to get rid of it.

Use Caustic Soda To Unblock An Outside Drain

Follow these steps to use caustic soda to unblock an outside drain:
• Pour caustic soda down the drain
• Pour water and wait for soda to fizz away
• The debris will rise to the top
• Add more water to remove the debris

Outside Drain Unblocker: Tools and Chemicals

This is our primary set:
Protective Gloves – You’ll need a pair of protective rubber gloves to protect your hands.
A Carrier Bag – Use a plastic carrier to discard any dirt or fats from the drain.
Drain Rods – Buy them into your local hardware store or online.
Bleach – Use bleach to clean drain as possible as can.
Caustic Soda or Drain Unblocker – We’ve already mentioned caustic soda. If soda doesn’t work, buy some old-fashioned drain Unblocker online.

How to Unblock an Outside Waste Pipe

This is a natural method you also could do:
• Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain.
• Next, pour a bottle of vinegar from the back of your cupboard and add around.
• Allow the mixture to fizz for around 30 minutes
• Next, run some hot water through the pipe for approximately two minutes.

In the end, here’s how to stop a later blockage:

• Don’t let grease to find its way into the sink.
• Cover the opening of the drain with a screen or drain-gate.
• Clean drains regularly, rinsing with water and bleach if needed.
• If your children want to help you do the washing up, make sure you accompany them!
These are all the tips you need to ensure a clean and fresh drain.

Call out the professionals, if you can’t unblock your drain.

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