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The Price of Unblocking Your Drains


About the Job

Most often blocked drains are discovered only when the drain covers are overflowing, or the toilet won’t flush. The awful smell coming from the drains is another sign of drain blockage.

There are numerous reasons why drains can become blocked. So, if you start to notice an awful smell when the washing machine or sink is draining, or perhaps water is draining slower than usual, you have to act immediately as for how the time passes the blockage will only get worse and more difficult and expensive to deal with. Chemical cleaners are handy for minor obstructions, but when the drain gets severely blocked you will most probably have to use drain rods to deal with the blockage which is more expensive, and it might require the services of a professional plumber.

Keep in mind that the best way to deal with blocked drains is prevention! You should be very careful about what sort of things go down your drains! Hair, soap, cooking grease and items alike are usually to blame for drain blockages so you should try to avoid putting them in your drain whenever you can.

Another useful method for proper drain maintenance is frequent cleaning so pour warm water down the sink following every use and sometimes put some baking soda in the drain before pouring hot water.

In situations when looking for professional plumbing services you should be careful as some companies will attempt to sell you some unnecessary services. It is impossible to be sure about what is blocking your drains unless you take a look at the pipes. This is the reason why most companies will provide remote CCTV drainage services. A lot of drain cleaning companies with high reputation include free CCTV in their drain cleaning services, so keep this in mind. In situations where the drain has collapsed, you will have to dig up the pipes, but this is an infrequent situation. If a contractor suggests you this kind of service demand a CCTV evidence to be sure that you are not wasting your money. Some pipes can be repaired without digging them up, with the use of a particular “sock” that is inserted through the drain and inflated to build the pipe inside the original pipe. So, be sure to take a look at the CCTV video footage before agreeing to pay for this kind of work.

The Price of Drain Unblocking

The average price of drain unblocking services using rods is about £100, but it doesn’t include severe blockages. For minor obstructions, the service will approximately last from 1-2 hours. In the end, the cost of the service differs, depending on the severity of the blockage and your residential area.

Be sure to look at your home insurance policy before employing a contractor, as it may cover drain unblocking services and they might get in touch with a drain cleaning company on your behalf. £150 per day is the most common price of a plumbing specialist, and in most cases, they will be able to repair any drain issues in the day time. Quite often there is a £50 minimum call out charge.

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