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What Your Landlord Must Do

Here is a list of repairs that your landlord must do:

• the exterior and structure of the apartment
• plumbing fixtures, pipes, drains, baths, sinks
• hot water and heating
• ventilation, pipes, gas appliances,
• electrical installations
• any damage that occurred during the repairs

Responsibility for common places, like staircases, is on your landlord. If you are not sure, check your lease agreement.

Your Responsibilities

If the tenancy agreement says you can, you should only then carry out repairs.
You can’t be obliged to do repairs that are your landlord’s duty.
If you damage the apartment of another tenant, e.g. if water from your bathroom is poured into his apartment, you must take responsibility for such damage. If your family or friends cause damage, you will be obliged to pay for it.

If Your Property Requires Repairs

You should call your landlord if you think it’s necessary to fix something. Do it as soon as possible because of potential damage to your health, which can be caused by faulty electrical installations.
The landlord will tell you when repairs should be completed. While waiting for a repair, continue paying the rent.

If Repairs Aren’t Made

You can call the environmental health department for help at your local council. If they think that problems can cause harm to yourself or others, they have to do something.
If you’re in Scotland, give a call to the Private Rented Housing Panel (PRHP).

If your House Isn’t Fit to Live In

In case you doubt that your place is in danger, call housing department at your council. Their reaction will imply Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) assessment, so they will take the necessary measures if they believe that your home is seriously endangered.

Housing standards and procedures are different in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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