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How to Repair a Toilet


Because toilet repairs are usually quite simple and often very urgent, most of the homeowners decide to do repairs on their own. Hiring a plumber to repair your toilet often means a costly emergency visit. Furthermore, if the toilet is unfunctional any delay in the plumber’s arrival could be a problem.

Luckily, most of the toilet repairs are simple so homeowners can deal with them by themselves. Everything necessary for the successful outcome is a basic knowledge of how the toilet works, some step-by-step instructions and some gear like a toilet plunger, screwdriver, pliers and a wrench.

Repairing a Clogged Toilet

Usually, a clog is cleared by utilising a plunger or toilet auger. If the issue lies deep inside the drain pipes, you should contact a professional plumber.

Two different kinds of toilet clogs exist. The most usual is a type where water and waste cant go down the drain. The other sort that is far more distressing is a clog that makes sewage to back up into a bathtub or some different place when you flush the toilet.

In most situations, the typical clog is a sign that a blockage is in a pipe adjacent to or below the toilet. The more severe clog means that an obstruction is most likely in the main drain line or the pipes beyond the toilet area.

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Remove the tank’s lid and raise the flapper valve to allow some water to go through so you can check if the toilet is really clogged. Water won’t go down the drain if it is indeed clogged.

2. If it’s clogged, the first thing to do is to attempt plunging with an adequate plunger. Put on some rubber gloves and position plunger’s head above the centre of the toilet drain hole. Afterwards, quickly push the plunger’s handle up and down to push air and water in the pipe, thus making suction to dislodge the clog.

You have succeeded if you see waste water draining from the toilet. Slowly pour roughly a gallon of water into the toilet to flush it.

3. Make use of a closet auger. If previous steps don’t help, you can try to snake out the toilet by using a closet auger that has a reach of about 3 feet. Put its end into the drain hole and keep turning the handle clockwise as long as the cable can go and then start pushing it as long as needed to free the clog.
In a situation where auger has hooked onto some obstacle, try to pull it out. If you manage to go through the clog, plunge the toilet once more.

4. Snake the main drain. If a clog is causing sewage to back up into the bathtub or some other fixture when you flush the toilet, you can try to snake out the main drainpipes on your own by using a long drain auger.

If you believe this is above your skills, get in touch with a drain cleaning company or a plumber.

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