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The Shower: The Most Overlooked Necessity in Golf Resorts


In the world of luxury golf resorts, nothing is as overlooked as the shower. Read any article about Vilamoura golfing deals & offers

and it’s almost guaranteed to mention the locker room, indoor tennis courts, spa, pool, and other amenities. But how often do you see a golf resort that has thoughtful showers?

We can understand why most golf resorts don’t prioritize showers as a top priority when building their new properties. After all, most people who play golf are adults who probably aren’t too concerned with things like water pressure or hot water temperature. That said, once you play enough different courses, these things start to matter more than you might think. Regardless of whether your main priority is the greens or staying somewhere with great views of mountains or lakes (or both), there are some pretty important details in any given course that can make or break your experience there.

What to Look For in a Golf Resort Shower

There are many different ways to design a golf resort shower – but only a few will truly be the best in class. If you’re looking to book a golf holiday, and want to make sure you get the most out of your experience, here are a few things to keep in mind. While locker rooms are great places to store your stuff, showers are where the real action happens. If the shower is small, the water pressure is weak, the temperature is off, or it’s not clean, you’ll probably have a bad time.

The best golf resorts have taken the time to make sure all of these things are done right. A luxurious golf resort shower has roomy, well-designed, and clean showers with plenty of hot water and great water pressure. The temperature is comfortable and consistent, and you’ll have all the supplies you need, like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Shower Design and Comfort

Shower design plays a role in your comfort, as well. The best golf resort showers have been designed with golfers in mind – so you’ll have everything you need. For example, some showers have hooks to hang your golf bag on as you shower. This is a great way to make sure it stays dry, while also freeing up some space inside the shower.

A golf resort shower might also have a bench or ledge to sit on while you shower – so you don’t have to stand up the entire time. A golf resort shower that has been well-designed will not only feel comfortable, but it will also be convenient – which is what you want.

Water Pressure Matters, Too

This might seem like a small detail, but it can make a huge difference in how you feel after using the shower. The water pressure in the shower should be medium to high. Low pressure can feel like dribbling water out of a faucet, while high pressure forces water out of the showerhead at a speed that can be painful. If the water pressure is too low, ask someone in management to take a look at it. The fix might be as easy as replacing a part.

The best way to test the water pressure at a golf resort is to take a shower at the same time of day you plan on playing. If the water pressure is low at 7 a.m., it’s unlikely it’ll get any better later in the day. And low water pressure really can ruin your showering experience.

A Hook for Your Gear

Finally, the best golf resorts have hooks for your gear, such as your golf club bag, shoes, towel, and anything else you bring with you on the course. A golf club bag that’s hung on the shower wall is a great place to store things while you shower. If you can, book a golf resort with showers that have a sturdy and reliable hook for your bag. Not only will this help you keep your stuff off the ground, but it will also keep it out of the way.

The Importance of Lockers

When booking a golf resort, it’s also a good idea to check their locker room situation. The locker room is where you’ll store your stuff, so it’s important to make sure it meets your needs. Some locker rooms are better than others, and the best locker rooms come with a few key amenities.

When choosing which course to play, make sure to check out the locker room and see how many people will be sharing it with you. Some courses can have dozens of people using the locker room at a time, while others have private locker rooms just for the people at that course. – Make sure that the lockers are large enough to fit all of your belongings, and that they have a place where you can hang your clothes.

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