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London Blocked Drains From Only £90


Clogged drains can give you a big headache in London not just because of the overflow coming out of the drain, but in many cases, it leads to toilets and sinks blockages also. At Drain Local we are aware of the significance of fast reaction when dealing with a blocked drain which is the reason why we offer 90 minute response times during the whole week with the most skilled drainage specialist in London.

Our Drain Unclogging Service

We utilise a staged approach to clogged drains in London, created to provide you with a most cost-effective solution. First, we begin with manual techniques, but if the obstructions persist, we will go for our high powered drain jetting equipment to be sure to break the blockage. Don’t worry, you wont be paying for all service, just for that one that solves your clogged drain issue.

We have a fixed fee policy so you can rest assured knowing that you won’t pay more than is advertised and if our team cant repair the blockage then you won’t pay anything because of our No Clear, No Charge Policy.


To begin, we will carry out our Free Blockage Analysis. When we make sure that the obstruction is in your drain and not in the public sewer we will use a variety of our manual gear to dislodge the blockage and make it go into the gutter.

If the blockage persists, we will analyse the problem further and go for out mechanical techniques.


If we encounter a suborn blockage that can’t be cleared with our manual methods, we will use our mechanical drain unblocking techniques to break through the blockage.

We own a powerful drain rotary machines and a high-pressure drain jetting equipment that have enough power to go through any obstruction that is blocking your drain.

Still Blocked? There’s No Charge!

We won’t charge for any of our services if we don’t manage to clear the blockage. Instead, we will make additional analysis and utilise our CCTV gear to discover what is causing the obstruction.

We will use our High-Pressure Vacuum Tanker if we still think that only a blockage is the problem and it will suck the obstruction out from the pipes. This high tech gear is more efficient than our rotary and jetting machines and usually can solve the problem. This service will cost you more, but only if we manage to remove the blockage. In case that we discover collapsed or broken pipe or even a tree roots, we won’t charge you extra instead we will offer you an estimate of the necessary correction work.

Persistent Drain Blockage?

After we determine the cause of the blockage, our specialists will give you useful advice to make sure it doesn’t occur again. In case your drain is frequently blocking we recommend conducting a CCTV Drain Survey to take a look inside the drains and find potential defects or obstructions that might be present.

Our services include a Free Of Charge Post Clearance CCTV Drain Survey to check the drain for any things that could potentially cause blockages in the future.

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