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How to Sort Blocked Toilet


If you are reading this or had to find this page, we are extremely sorry! We can feel your pain. The reason why you are on this page means either you are in an emergency and looking for quick solutions or you want to be prepared for anything unforeseen, ready blocked, that might happen in the future.

Clearing a blocked toilet might not be glamorous and exiting, but you can do it in a jiffy if you just master it. We have compiled a step by step guide for our readers on how to unclog a blocked toilet.

Getting Started

Before you get right into the action it is important that you prepare yourself with the necessary equipment. It is just like heading into the warzone, you don’t know what is going to happen so you need to go in prepared. These are the things you will need to win this battle:
· A plunger with a pulled out rubber flange
· Rubber gloves
· A towel/newspaper
· Soda, drain un-blocker or bleach
· Exhaust fan

Now we know this is a bit detailed and you might ask yourself that you’d be able to do just fine with the few of the above mentioned things. But trust us, we know what we are saying and these products are extremely important for the mission. Lay the towel or the newspaper around the toilet area to prevent the water from flooding the floor.

Want to flush? Don’t Even Think About It

We know how difficult it is to stop yourself from flushing again and again. Chances are, if the flush didn’t clear the waste in the first attempt it won’t even after 3 or 4 times. This will only make the situation worst even result in overflowing. If it is something in your reach and easily removable such as a toy or a wooden cube; wear your rubber gloves, pick it up and throw it in the bin. If the faeces are blocking the toilet then you might need the help of your plunger.

Locate the Blockage

Knowing where the blockage exists is important. Remove the drain cover to see whether the chamber is filled with water or not. If the chamber is full, this means that the blockage is in the pipe that too further away. If it isn’t then the blockage is somewhere between the loo and pipe; could even be in the pan. For quick results, pour some chemical drainers.

Using the Plunger Just Right

It is important that you pick out the right plunger for the job. Use a rubber flange plunger for better suction. Use it firmly against the blockage and provide the right pressure and vacuum. Use an auger, it is a rod that is flexible and can easily reach far into the toilet. Simply locate the blockage and use the auger to remove it. Flush it afterwards and see the magic happen right before your eyes.

Coat Wire Hanger

If, in case, you don’t have a plunger that will help you unclog the blockage. Simply take a wired coat hanger straighten it out into a single long wire and then bend one side into a curve. Gently wiggle it inside the toilet to remove any blockage. Remember you cannot be vigorous with this method as it will only scratch the toilet bowl.

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