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How to Clear Blocked Toilet Without Plunger


A blocked toilet can be a major problem. Not only does it compromise your ability to use the toilet, but it can also create a mess. A clogged toilet should be immediately looked into to avoid the chance of flooding. A plunger is one of the most effective tools to unclog a toilet, but in case you do not have a plunger at your disposal it may seem like an uphill task. Having a plunger is great, but there are also other means that can be used to unblock a toilet. Take a deep breath and calm down and grab some of the essentials. Here is how you can unblock a toilet without using a plunger:

Use Dish washing Liquid

First, squirt a good amount of liquid dish washing soap in to the blocked toilet. It works in a similar fashion to the way it works in the kitchen. It will cut the fat and grease in the clogged bowl. You can also use shampoo instead. Pour a couple of cups of water on top to activate the soap. Finally, flush the toilet and it will unclog. This works best on toilets that are not too full to the brim to begin with.

Stop the Toilet from Overflowing

If it looks like the toilet will overflow and spill over, then you need to stop it from flooding. In order to do that you need to pull the float up. Also turn off water supply to the toilet by switching off the valve.

Use Water to Unclog Toilet

Pour a ton of hot water in to the clogged bowl to clear it up. Wait a few minutes, the hot water will act on the fat in the blocked toilet and start to lose up and clear out. You can also try flushing afterwards.

Use Beach to Unblock Toilet

If you do not wish to use your liquid dish washing soap to unclog your toilet, you can try the same method by using your regular bleach. Leach is a common household item and can be used to unclog your toilet. It works in the same way as the Liquid dish wash clog removal methods. Pour a couple of cups of bleach in to your toilet bowl and just let it work its magic.

Use a Hanger to Unblock Toilet

This can also be used in place of a plunger. Straighten a hanger out and put on protective gloves. Then stick the hanger in to the blocked bowl. Move it around to try and loosen up the blockage. After that, stop the water supply to the toilet and flush it.

These simple and easy ways are sure to become your new favourite ways to unclog your toilet. If you can brave the smell, these techniques are going to be a life saver. Not only do you not need a plunger but you can also save money because you won’t need to call the plumber.

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