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How to Fix Blocked Toilet Without Plunger


Clogged toilets can be quite nerve wrecking especially if it happens on a Saturday night and you cannot call in a plumber or an expert. While most people call out an expert for such problems, it is important that you know a way around fixing a blocked toilet without paying a plumber.

Your first instinct might be using a plunger but we all know how messy it can be. Furthermore, not everything has the heart to get down and dirty. What if we told you we had a perfect way out for all of you out there who want to unblock the toilet but don’t feel like doing the dirty work?

It is important that you treat a blocked toilet as soon as possible because otherwise you will be risking your floors and room to flooding. You may think that this task cannot be performed without a plunger, however, you have to try the following technique in order to believe us.

We were sceptical at first as well but when we saw the magic happening right before our eyes, we instantly believed it. This ‘non-plunger’ technique revolves around a simple house hold product that can be found in almost all kitchens.

We swear by the dish wash liquid and hot water hack that we are ready to share it with our valuable readers. Remember that this technique will work perfectly for a blocked toilet bowl if it is not overflowing already with water.

Since you will be adding liquids in the bowl, an overflowing toilet may result in more mess. For that we suggest that you squirt out some water manually before proceeding. However, if the bowl isn’t overflowing, you are good to go.

The Procedure

Now that we are all ready to clear out the blockage, the first thing that you will need is a dish wash liquid. Pour in a generous amount of the liquid into the bowl and wait for it until it settles completely on the bowl’s floor.

Next up is hot water, now be careful, you don’t want to add a lot of water as it may result in overflowing. Warm up a gallon of water into the bowl and let it take away any build up with it. Make sure that the water is not boiling hot, it should be very hot but just not boiling.

Last step is to wait, let the mixture combine for a few minutes and just observe. You may notice that the thing clogging the bowl will start breaking up. Flush the toilet and anything blocking the bowl will move further down the drain.

If you still feel that the drain isn’t as smooth as it should be, use a wire hanger and push it down the pipe. It will move any debris or build-up down into the pipe.

If you dislike working with the plunger this simple hack will be an excellent alternative. You should also know that this method works best for small blockage such as tissue and paper. You might have to repeat the method 2 to 3 times to completely clear the blockage.

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