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How To Clear Blocked Toilet Bowl


Are you facing a clogged toilet bowl again and you don’t want to call in the plumber? Well with a little bit of practice, some key supplies and a couple of minutes you can solve this issue. You can now save money spent on plumbing issues and not flood the entire house at the same time.

90 percent of the time, if not all the time, a clogged toilet bowl can be opened with just 1 simple tool i.e. a toilet plunger. However, it is important that you buy the one with the extended rubber flange. The reason why we are emphasizing on the extended flange plunger is because it has better suction. It can even suck out a wood chunk from the pipe.

How Do You Know That You Have a Clogged Toilet?

Many people don’t realize that they have a clogged toilet until it’s too late. If you notice a partially poor flush it means that something isn’t right. If the waste isn’t clearing instantly or the water is draining slowly then you have a problem.

The Plunger

The first and the easiest way of unclogging a blocked toilet bowl is by using the traditional plunger method. Using the toilet plunger in specific is important as it has better grip and seal. The toilet plunger with pulled out rubber flange will suck the thing clogging the bowl quicker.

Make sure that your bowl isn’t empty or too full, just about halfway through. Push and pull the plunger vigorously so you are able to suck or release the thing blocking the bowl. Make sure that you have towels to wipe off any water splashes.

Now before your flush the bowl thinking that you have solved the issue, carry out a little clog test. It is quite easy, simply lift the take lid and pulled the flapper valve lightly to see whether the water goes down or not. If you flush with the toilet still clogged you might end up flooding the toilet and making a lot of mess.

Some Plunging Tips

Plunging might seem easy but 1 wrong move means flooding the floor and creating a lot of mess. If you are plunging for the first time by yourself then you should keep the following tips in mind:

· The first time that you put the plunger inside the toilet bowl make sure it is gentle. Initially the bell will be filled with air so a hard thrust will lead to a lot of push back resulting in water splashes. So go slow so you don’t end up with water all over your bathroom floor.

· Once the air is out, starting pushing the plunger vigorously. Maintain your speed and seal in order to unclog the bowl. Most of the blockages clear with this technique, continue to do so for at least 15 to 20 times.

· If you still feel that the blockage hasn’t cleared, try different strokes. Switch occasionally between steady strokes and monster heaves.

· Do not leave the bowl empty or full, keep it in the middle so the plunger stays covered with it.

These were our top tips and tricks for unblocking a toilet bowl easily at home.

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