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How To Clear A Blocked Toilet Bend


It is very crucial that your toilet remains clear and unblocked at all times. If your toilet U bend gets clogged there are many downsides. Firstly, you will be unable to use that toilet and you may have to seek out other options if you only have one bathroom. Second, a clogged toilet can leave behind a very pungent smell that can permeate your entire home with a bad odour.

Clogged toilets can also be problematic because they can also cause flooding. This will not only cause problems in the toilet area but can spread to the entire space and can cause damage to your house. In essence, a clogged toilet can be very bad. So it is important that you are aware as to how to clear a blocked toilet. Chances are that you will tend to panic, since you may not know what to do. Here are a number of things you can do

Be Brave and Face it Head On

Not everyone has the courage to do this since many may be disgusted at the thought of doing this, but you can always try if you do not have other options. Put on some protective rubber gloves and stick your hand down the toilet bowl and fish around for the source of the blockade. Once you have managed to locate it, and then just move your hand around to clear your toilet bowl.

Understand The Situation First

Before you start panicking and frantically calling for help, there is no harm in understanding where the problem lies. In case of a blocked toilet you have some kind of blockage in your pipes, somewhere around the U bend in your toilet. So, removing the blocked by hand may be one of the quickest ways to unclog your toilet bowl. It is also important to understand that turning off the water supply to the toilet rim the main might be a good idea. If your toilet is clogged it also means that there is something stuck in the U bend rather than in the toilet bowl

Before You Call the Plumber

When your toilet gets blocked, your first instinct is to call the plumber, but just hold on first. There are a number of things you can do yourself before you have to resort to calling the plumber for help. You can use a plunger to clear the toilet; if you do not have that there are other methods as well. Mostly commonly dish washing liquid is used to clear up blocked toilets. When you squirt soap in the toilet bowl, it cuts the fat and slowly the blockade clears up.

In order to unclog a blocked toilet, remember to always wear protected gloves and/or glasses beforehand. It is also essential to know that the problem is most likely in the U bend. If everything fails and the toilet does not clear up, pick up the phone and call the plumber.

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