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Advice On Blocked Drain Outside


Outside drain, one of the main issues that we face with our outside drain is that it gets blocked sometimes. And when that happens, the immediate response is usually the massive cost that the cleaners might ask for.

If anything related to your house goes haywire we tend to panic a lot. So, the first thing that you need to do is calm down and think of a more feasible and economical solution. While your instinct would push you into calling a local expert, we urge you to give these guidelines a read before giving up.

Here are few things that will help you out in a blocked drain situation as well as prevent it from happening time and again.

The Essentials

Before jumping into the process, there are some key pointers that you need to focus on. First off you need a few supplies to help unclog the grain. It doesn’t matter what type of cleaning you are about to conduct, as long as it revolves around the drain, you need the following:

· Protective glasses and gloves
· Kettle
· Baking soda
· Vinegar
· Soda crystals
· An empty plastic bottle

Know your drain better and prevent the blockage altogether
It is quite easy to maintain your drain and prevent blockage altogether. You don’t necessarily have to use expensive and harmful chemicals to make sure that the drain remains grease free. A simple and quick hack would do the trick just fine.

Pouring a kettle of boiling water regularly down the drain will make sure that nothing gets stuck in the pipes or the drainage. Pouring hot water straight from the heat will melt down the grease build-up and it will prevent future problems.

If you are looking for a well maintained drain that runs smoothly without causing problems then you need to be careful of what you pour down the pipe. Most of us unintentionally pour almost everything into our basins without considering the fact that these very things might cause the blockage.

One of the main things that we unknowingly pour inside the drain is grease and extra oil. While cleaning fry pans and pots, we rinse the greasy pots with water first and guess what? This grease is one of the key things that block a drain.

You can start collecting the grease leftover from the pans into a plastic bottle and then dispose it off into the bin later for a cleaner drain. These two hacks will help you in maintain the drain without worrying too much. Besides these preventions, you can also do the following to open up a clogged drain.

Let’s Get Started

Now that you are familiar with some prevention hacks, here are some cool ways of unclogging the drain. The first hack is the basic baking soda and white vinegar hack. Put some baking soda in the drain and then pour a cup of white vinegar over it.

Once you’ve added the vinegar, you will start hearing some fizzing sounds. The sounds would be a proof of the chemical reaction taking place. Wait for 10 minutes and then pour boiling water over it. You can also dissolve hot water and soda crystals together and pour it into the plughole. This will remove grease and oil residue and give you a clear drain.

You can do these regularly for a well maintained cleaner drain.

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