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Advice On Unblocking A Drain


There are many ways that can be used to unblock a drain and the blockage can be removed by using some of the tools that are easily available within the home. Whenever you discover the drain blockage in your business or home, you need to follow these simple steps to easily and effortlessly clean the blocked drain.

Stage 1: Find the Blockage

The first instant thought of drain blockage is that the sink is not draining properly and the general assumption is that the pipeline is blocked. Wear your gloves and get ready to start the operation clean-up of your drain and try to figure out how to clean it. Even if you are working outside the drain, use the drain pipes to open the cover and then look for the blockage in the pipe or the sink. For more advice contact our local branch of Drainage Contacts in Buckinghamshire

Stage 2: Check Which Tool to Use

There are three important tools that you can use to clear the blocked drain and that can easily be used.

If the block drain is in the kitchen, bathroom or a sink in some other portion of your home, you can use the drain snake to clear the blockage. The blockage in the pipelines where hands and other tools cannot reach to clear, it is common to use the drain snake. If the drain pipe is large and different bends across the drain, you can also use the manual drain cleaner to remove the blocked area and clear the blockage from the pipe.

Stage 3: Use Drain Rods, a Manual Drain Cleaner or a Drain Snake to Clear the Blockage

In some cases where the use of channel poles you need to look into a few areas to clear the blockage making sure that the time and effort will be accounted for. You need to push the pole from the drain to that point where the blockage is held and you need to push hard to press the air power to clear the drain.

If by chance, you are using a manual drain cleaner, you first need to clean the drain by opening the pipe system and cleaning all the curves and blockage pipes to clear and then fix it again.

Drain snakes are also a kind of manual drain cleaners, as they also cut-off the blockage in the drain and flush out the drain. You need to carefully check the leakage of the pipe before using the drain snakes.

Stage 4: Wash Away Debris and Inspect the Drain

Once the blockage has been cleaned, flush plenty of water through the drain or pour some liquid soap in the drain to wash the inner portions of the drain pipe from the rough curves.

Stage 5: Check the Pipe for Proper Drainage

At this point, let the water run through the drain a couple of times until you feel that the water flow from the pipe is clear. Make sure that the drain cleaners are properly cleaned and the pipes are tightened enabling no air-lock to enter the pipe and create blockage again.

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