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How to Deal With a Tenacious Bathroom Clog

With nothing else, but one old power auger
We were living in an old house built in the 1950s when we experienced a tenacious bathroom clog. It happened in both bathrooms and it was pretty bad. Just like anyone would do, we started with plugging and using the drain cleaner and waited for while to see if it would clear. After days of waiting and trying out different methods, we decided it was time to use one old power auger that has been in the house since we acquired it. The drain pipe needed to be cleaned out. We took a camera with us too to capture every step.

Step 1

Clear all debris way from the cleanout plug opening
Simply brush away leaves and dirt to make it easy to loosen the cleanout plug. You have to start with a spanner and take it off with your hand.

Step 2

Auger the root cutter
Carefully place the auger’s root cutter far into the drain before you turn on the power. You have to make sure it is properly done to prevent it from popping out to prevent accidents.

Step 3

Drive the auger cable properly into the drain
When putting the cable into the drain, do not stop until you get to the root. The blade cuts through and you can feel it. Wash away the root debris with a running hose and clear them as much as you can to unclog your drainpipe perfectly.

Step 4

When driving the auger through your main drain pipe, you will come to a point that you cannot pass. It means you have reached the main sewer and it is likely to be between 50 and 60 feet from your house front. Stop pushing the cable into the drain and remove it gradually.

As you remove the auger cable, you will see some of the roots stuck on the blade. But, it does not necessarily mean you are done. Place the drain plug cap and test all bathrooms before you clean and return the power auger system. If the toilets are overflowing, the auger has more work do.

Results After Clearing Tthe Roots

After clearing the roots, our systems were as good as new. It does sound like a lot of work, but it did not take us more than half an hour. It wasn’t a fun or an exciting job, but it saved us money and we got results very quickly. This was a major plumbing problem that I have had to deal with without incurring any costs.

You can borrow or rent the power auger and it will be cheaper than hiring a plumber. Check in your local plumbing supply store or a home center to know the rental pricing for a power auger.

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