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Unblock A Toilet With Dishwasher Soap And Hot Water


Toilet clogs are situations that most people don’t even like to think about. Nevertheless, they occur from time to time. In these cases plunger is a handy thing, but if you don’t have one nearby when it happens some dishwasher soap, and hot water can help.

Reader Ignignokt not so long ago shared a tip stating that it is possible to deal with a clog by turning on warm water elsewhere in your home. I was unable to verify this method, but I did manage to find something handy during my research: a bucket of warm water and dishwashing detergent can be of great assistance. The Art of Manliness provided additional tips:

“Before you start plunging pour a several cups of warm water into the toilet bowl and leave it to sit for several minutes. To make it more simple, the warmth helps break the obstruction. If you do this, you will unclog your toilet with the plunger much quicker. If you by change clog a toilet at your friend’s house and want to avoid the unpleasantness of asking for a plunger, warm waters heat can in some situations break up the clog without plunging, so you should definitely try it.

Additionally, be sure to add some dishwasher soap into the mixture as the soap can as well help break the clog up.”

One more thing, if you’re having issues pouring the hot water into that bucket, keep in mind that a dustpan can overcome the limits of any small sink.

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