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Toilet is Blocked How to Unblock


Almost every household has experienced a blocked toilet multiple times in a year. It is common problem that we all face, whether it is due to flushing excessive toilet paper down the drain or little children in the house throwing in their bath toys. No one wants a blocked toilet; it not only stinks, but also makes the toilet not operational until fixed properly. Hence, it is important that we all are aware of a few easy to follow and simple ways of unblocking a blocked toilet as mentioned below.

Use Household Items

Sometimes you can easily unclog a blocked toilet using simple household items. There are three simple hacks that you can follow. First, start by pouring hot water down the drain. Second, use liquid dish soap in order to unclog your toilet. Third, try adding one cup of white vinegar to half cup of baking soda and water, and empty it over your clogged toilet to do the trick.

Use a Plunger to Send it Down the Drain

Using a plunger would be an excellent idea for unblocking a clogged toilet. You must purchase one and keep it in your house. If you are new to this, a plunger is basically shaped like a mop, however with a plastic bag in the end. You would have to press it into your toilet and then pull it back up. It is important to repeat these steps until the water starts going down the pipes; this would be the signal that you have successfully unblocked your clogged toilet. Remember if the plunger is not able to resolve this issue, the problem might lie somewhere else. Hence, inspect the drain, the chamber and the pan for any blockages as well.

Use a Rod for a Blockage in the Chamber

A blocked chamber means that you would have to use a specialist rod or perhaps find a long wire to clear the drain pipes.

Use An Auger

You can get a toilet auger. It is shaped like a drain snake and is great for unclogging the drain which has sharp turns. You would just be required to insert it into the drain hole and move the auger’s handle in a clockwise direction to unclog your toilet. You can even use it to pull out harder objects such as sponges out of the toilet. In addition to this, before using an auger make sure that you watch a proper tutorial on its correct usage; you would not want to destroy the china by using it incorrectly.

Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner

You can easily find a chemical drain cleaner from the nearest store you get your toilet supplies from. It usually comes with easy to follow instructions on the product. Considering that this product might be hazardous, you must make sure that it stays out of reach of children and is handled in a safe manner.
When all these tips fail, you must be prepared to call your trusty plumber; he or she will be able to unblock your toilet in a few minutes time.

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