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I Have Toilet & Shower Clogged


Usually, shower and toilet aren’t clogged at the same moment, so when that happens, you must continue carefully. If you are trying to unclog in traditional ways, maybe you are dealing with some huge clog which must be handled with more advanced unclogging methods.


By closing off the drain opening, plunger pumps are making pressure to a drain. You will dislodge your clogs which are on top of the drain pipe if you move the plunger’s handle up and down and the plunger’s cup close opening of the drain. You can use a funnel-cup plunger for plunging a toilet. Funnel-cup plungers have a circled bottom to the rubber cup, and in that way it allows the cup to be placed on the toilet’s drain opening more efficiently.

Snake the Drains

If you can’t unclog the drains with a plunger, for further help you should turn to a drain snake or auger. A drain snake consists of a long flexible line that is inserted into the drain pipe, so it is in direct contact with any stopping all the way. It will spin the flexible line while spinning a crank on the snake’s housing. You have to turn the crank clockwise so you can feed the auger into the drain. When you want to pull the snake from the drain, you must rotate the crank counter clockwise.

Check Out Vent Pipe

It is possible that only one thing is the reason that both the toilet and shower are clogged at the same moment. In the bathroom, all drains feed into a larger drain pipe, and that drain pipe is connected to a vent pipe. The opening of the vent pipe is right above the house’s roofline. This pipe serves both for the discharge of sewer gases from drains and for the replacement of air that is washed together with wastewater. If you pour the water, the vent pipe will clear part of the blockage so the drain system can work regularly.

You Have To Call A Plumber

You have to call a plumber if you tried to unclog the toilet and shower and the vent pipe over the bathroom and you didn’t have any success. Probably, the reason is main drain pipe which is the connection between house’s plumbing and the sewer. A professional plumber has the expertise and required tools for cleaning the major clogs because that kind of clog will provide bigger and bigger problems with your house’s plumbing.


If the blockage still persists, take a bow because you’ve done everything that you possibly could. The problem is probably seated at the main pipe that connects your home to the sanitation network. Now is the time to bring in the professionals. Only a reputable and professional plumber would be equipped with the knowledge and the equipment to fix plumbing problems of this nature.

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