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How to Unclog a Blocked Toilet Without a Plunger


There is nothing more annoying like a clogged toilet on a Saturday evening and you’re just about to host a curry and beer party. You think of the plumber but you don’t have his number and the shop down the street is closed.

Don’t panic, as long as you have water and shampoo in your house you will be fine. The benefit of this method is that you don’t have to touch the water.

There is however one exception to this; If the toilet is already full you will have to swallow your pride, wear your gloves and drain some water out.

For this method to be possible, you will need the following:
· A clogged toilet
· Lots of surfactant
· Hot but not boiling water
· A bucket

Tips: The use of shampoo and water to unclog your toilet works better where toilet paper is the main cause of the clog.

Never forget to wear your protective gloves unless you are planning to suffer from sever bouts of diarrhoea.

It is ok to use Dishwashing liquid, liquid soap or any other cleaners you might have. Just make sure it easily gets study.

This method will only work if the toilet is 60-80{bad0f98b3538d95408eea37f11d9e2d160ff257b1cd5d31212c4c3b5246a488c} full.

Procedure 1: Mixing the Water with Shampoo

Squirt a generous amount of shampoo/soap on a bowl
Pour the shampoo in the bowl in hot water
Mix and fill the toilet with the hot soap solution
Enjoy your cup of tea as the blockage ‘marinates’.

Warning: Do not use boiling water, my research tells me that this may result to your toilet bowel cracking. I do not know how true this is, but I do know that I don’t have the money to buy a new toilet bowl.

Procedure 2: Progress Report

After a few minutes, the water level should have dropped. This is because hot water breaks down the tissue paper into smaller particles. The soap acts as a lubricant for easier passage of solid materials.

If water levels have not dropped, wait for at least ten more minutes. If nothing happens add more hot water with solution. You might have to bail out some water in your bowl if there is no more space left.

If the water level drops, then that’s good news.

Add more soap and hot water into the toilet bowl.
Wait for the water to drain.

Tips: No need to add water that is as hot as the first solution. This is because; it will only take a less amount of heat to heat up the remaining water in the bowl.

Procedure 3: The End Result

After some minutes, you will discover that your toilet is no longer clogged. Clean the toilet and flash it to make sure.

Tips: Remind your party goers that the toilet was designed to accommodate only bodily excretions and small amounts of toilet paper.

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