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Blocked Toilet How To Unblock


The last thing that you want at the end of a long and exhausting day is a blocked toilet. This is something that you cannot delay for even a day as it poses severe chances of flooding. Remember that safety is important to follow this step by step easy to follow guide to fix a blocked toilet. Also, if you aren’t sure about your plumbing skills, we would suggest that you call a professional plumber.

Everything You Need

There are some things that you need before starting the unblocking process, these include:

· A Plunger
· Hot Water
· Protective Glasses and Gloves
· A Drain Cleaner

A toilet can get blocked for a couple of reasons but that doesn’t mean that you leave it as it is and go to sleep. You need to fix the blocked toilet before you do anything else otherwise the situation might worsen. We know it well that fixing a blocked toilet isn’t glamorous or fun but trust us, it is better to fix it yourself and become the hero of the house rather than calling in an expert and paying him a lot of cash.

Safety First

First thing that you need to do is make sure that your toilet is blocked and not your drain. Go outside and take a look at your drain to confirm that there isn’t something else wrong. Once you are certain that your toilet is blocked, start with the following:

· You need to protect the floor first and make sure if the water overflows, you don’t end up in a flooded situation. Line the floor with old newspapers and extra towels so it soaks up the water before it spreads.
· Motionless water produces harmful gases that not only smell bad but shouldn’t be inhaled as well. So for that you need to make sure that the room that you are working in, i.e. bathroom, is ventilated. A working exhaust fan should do the trick.
· Put on protective glasses, gloves and clothes that can be washed or wasted easily.
· Do not use two or more cleaners together, always pick out one.
· Turn off the water to prevent overflowing.

Unblocking Manually

If you can see the blockage and you are certain that this is what’s causing the blockage then wear rubber gloves and remove the blockage manually. Flush afterwards to remove any leftover material.

Using the Gravity and Hot Water Method

Sometimes all you need to do in order to unblock a toilet is to pour hot water directly into the bowl from a height and flushing afterwards.

Using a Plunger

If you still cannot unblock the toilet, it’s time to take the basic plunger route. Use a funnel cup plunger with extended flanges to suck the blockage out. Fix it in the hole and move it in and out vigorously to remove the material. Flush afterwards to see if the blockage has cleared or not.

Drain Cleaner

If you are certain that the thing blocking the toilet is not plastic or metal then use a commercial grade toilet or drain cleaner.
If none of the methods work, then it is a clear sign that you need to call a professional plumber.

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