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About Us

We at Drainage Networks believe in taking matters into your hands and not leaving important issues of your home to chance.

Making your home bigger and better is a never-ending story because there are so many ways of improving it. To master the art of creating a practical and pleasant living space, all you need are the proper tools and DIY guidance form our team at Drainage Networks.

Leaky pipe? A room needs painting? Swiftly change a lock? Of course you can do all of these by yourself. You just need the assistance of our expert staff here at Drainage Networks, and we will gladly help you out.

We promise not to lead you off the path and will solely supply you with advice and tricks that have proven to be functioning. From repairing something, repurposing a part of your home to modernising it, we will follow your every step and equip you with our guidance.

Throughout the process, we will provide you with insightful information on how to make your residing place much more comfortable for you and your family. Our suggestions won’t stop there – we will also contribute to improving the aesthetic appeal of your home, making it more pleasant to live in.

Some of the types of suggestions and advise we will be regularly uploading on our website are listed below:

  • DIY in General
    Want to start a renovation on your home, but feeling insecure? Try browsing through our general DIY posts for plenty of useful information; they will manoeuvre you throughout the dos and don’ts of renovating.
  • Painting
    Changing the colours of your walls is the easiest and most noticeable innovation you can make in your home. To achieve excellent results, you need to have to pay attention to the quality of the paint and colour coordination on your walls, too. There is no room for panic, we got you covered here as well.
  • Outside
    Do you feel like you should be using your garden for barbequing with friends or the front of the house is just not that appealing and lacks a garden? Find all the ideas and solutions here.
  • Inside
    Do you feel like your home is trapped in another decade or doesn’t have a nice flow? Here are some ideas and tips on decoration.
  • Windows
    Besides from providing your home with light, warmth and ventilation, windows are essential when it comes to saving energy. Just remember how quickly your home chills during winter or warms up in the summertime. Windows could be the solution.
  • Sustainability
    More and more people are becoming aware of the impact on the environment that running of a household does. Outfitting your home with sustainable technology will make it energy-efficient and healthy to live in.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom
    Always wanted an open-concept kitchen and dining area? New countertops in the bathroom? For makeover and money-saving ideas look here.
  • Heating
    Having a functional heating and plumbing system is of great importance for your home. We provide useful tips, from buying and maintaining guides to fixing and replacing an item.

You will become a master of DIY with our masterpiece tips.